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Gecko's Garage

2022: Continuing in Miztli's recurring voiceover role as Kat, click here for Gecko's Garage episodes.

2021: In November 2021, Miztli made her debut as the voice of Kat, the feisty Mexican cat in the children's series Gecko's Garage.

Podcast: Sane Time, Sane Place

During lockdown 2020-2021, Miztli's sketch duo Funny Ladies launched a brand-new podcast series Sane Time, Sane Place. The podcast is a comical look at the coping mechanisms we employ to stay sane, whatever sh*t life throws at us. Guests have included world renowned voice coach Barbara Houseman, yoga influencer Holly Husler, actor Tia Bannon and wellness chef Nicola Millbank.

Podcast: Heroine Addicts

Four girls. One microphone. A whole lot of Girl Power. Heroine Addicts is a brand new podcast that puts women centre-stage.The podcast launched in January this year and Buffy the Vampire Slayer was our first heroine.

Every week one of us brings a different heroine to the table; fictional or real, from the past or present. We want each episode to be a celebration of what makes women wonderful - whether it's huge acheivements or one-of-a-kind narratives, the women we wanted to be when we grew up or who we'd quite like to be now; superstars and scientists, slayers and sportswomen. Visit us at

On July 25th, Heroine Addicts hosted a special live recording celebrating Women in Sport and on October 21st, Heroine Addicts hosted a live podcast 'So You Think You Can Chant: Activism, Protest and Making Change' as part of this year's Bloomsbury Festival. Check out the recording coming to itunes in November!

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Audio Play

Kasey Ballerina's Feet, by H.C. Powis, Audio play for Frequency Theatre