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blood wedding
Miztli as The Wife in Blood Wedding

The Wife Blood Wedding by Federico Garcia Lorca,
Presented and adapted by George Richmond-Scott,
Clapham Omnibus Theatre

Miztli as Lady Macbeth in Macbeth

Lady Macbeth Macbeth by William Shakespeare,
Dir: Max Lewendel,
Icarus Theatre Collective tour of the U.K and Ireland


Miztli and cast members in NewsRevue

NewsRevue is the world's longest-running comedy show at The Canal Cafe Theatre in London.


Rachel All that is the Silent Hum, by Nathan Ellis,
Dir: Weibke Green,
Theatre 503 (Short Play Festival)

Miztli as Clara in Dubailand

Clara Dubailand, by Carmen Nasr, Dir: Georgie Staight, Finborough Theatre


Miztli (right) as Sadie in The Great Divide

Gem Christmas at Mildred's, co-written by the Dolly Grip ensemble,
Dir: Haley Ingram,
Bread and Roses Theatre, Hen and Chickens Theatre

Elizabeth The Subject, by Carolyn Kras, Dir: Eleanor Heydon,
Slam, Kings Cross

Sadie, Sophie, Clara The Great Divide, by Alix Sobler, Dir: Rory McGregor,
Finborough Theatre

Sarah Birdwatching, by Helen Strutt, Dir: Lois Jeary, RADA Festival

Sarah Lick, by Ali Dunk, Dir: Benjamin Rogers, Waterloo East Theatre

Self The Pursuit of App-iness, by Miztli Rose Neville,
DollyGrip Productions,
Dir: Rosie Jones, Emma Pritchard, RADA Festival


Celia in As You Like It

Celia As You Like It, by William Shakespeare, Dir: Michael Fentiman, RADA

Marjorie and Ethel Pot and Kettle, and How The Vote Was Won,
Women at RADA, Dir: Susannah Tresilian, Bloomsbury Festival

Carmen Sweet Charity, by Neil Simon, Dir: Geoff Bullen, RADA

Various The Seven Ages of Woman, Fourth Wave, RADA Festival


Veronica in Women of Twilight

Veronica Women of Twilight, by Sylvia Rayman, Dir: Psyche Stott, RADA

Isabella Measure for Measure, by William Shakespeare,
Dir: Rosamund Hutt, RADA

Monika Thames Boat Project, Dir: Cressida Brown, RADA


Medea Medea, by Euripides, Dir: Robert Price, RADA


Dolly Daring Marisa Carnesky's Finishing School, Dir: Marisa Carnesky, Roundhouse

Rehearsed Readings


Tina Haunted People, by Richard Appleby, Dir: Jack Bowman,
The So and So Arts Club

Lola, Mattie Ross After Orlando, by various writers, Dir: Clare Bloomer, Finborough Theatre

Valeria The Cardinal, Dir: Justin Audiberet, RADA

Lynne and various Innocence Lost, Women at RADA, by Beverly Cooper,
Dir: Amanda Hope, RADA

Site Specific


Living Breathing Blank Canvas Project Pygmalion, Dir: Alice Robinson,
Cross Arts Collective