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The Pursuit of App-iness

The Pursuit of App-iness is a one woman comedy show that delves into the crazy (and on occasion terrifying) world of Apps and asks ‘could the key to eternal happiness be found in your smartphone?’ The show had its debut as part of the 2016 RADA Festival and was directed by Emma Pritchard and Rosie Jones. The show is currently in development.

We Consent

We Consent was a short play I wrote for The Women@RADA night of new writing under the title ‘Up For it’. My play explores sexual consent in the technological age; could an app on your smart phone really protect you from rape? Is it the death of romance? Or simply a lawsuit waiting to happen? We Consent was staged in September 2015 at The Arts Theatre in London and was directed by Milli Bhatia.

Christmas at Mildred's

A silent night in the heart of the English countryside, five women brought together by fate are determined to enjoy what could be their last Christmas, and they’re celebrating this one in style! With the odds against them the girls must improvise; food is in short supply, certain death is waiting in the shadows and no-one can remember when they last wore fresh knickers. The decorations are up, the ‘turkey’ is cooking and a stranger in red is on their way…’ I co-wrote Christmas at Mildred’s with other members of DollyGrip Productions and it opened in London at The Bread and Roses theatre in December 2016


ThreeWay is a short play that investigates the stresses and strains of long term relationships when you’re in your twenties. I wroteThreeWay as part of a Rapid Writers Response program at Theatre 503 in Battersea. It was staged at 503 in February 2016 and was directed by Fay Lomas

Seven Ages of Woman

Seven Ages of Woman was collaboratively written and directed by 4thWave: a group of five RADA graduates. It was first performed at the Rada Festival in 2015. We wrote it as a modern day alternative to Shakespeare's famous speech which describes the seven key stages of a man's life. Using personal experience and frank observations, we took a theatrical journey into childhood dreams, teenage nightmares and our imagined future selves.

Stand up and Improv

I have recently started writing and performing stand-up comedy. I performed my first set at the Leicester Square Theatre in December 2016. I also joined the Free Association Comedy Improv school in 2016 and am currently working on level 2. My aim is to improve and develop my comedy writing skills. Watch this space for more news.